LED Video Wall Solution For Security Control Room

There are a few effective LED video wall solutions available for security control rooms: tiled LCD, rear-projection cubes (RPCs), and direct-view LED. How do you understand and choose which one you require? In this article, we will explain the robustness of LED Video wall technology, making it convenient for you to make your selection. Because Sunshine Display System is one of the leading manufacturers of all indoor and outdoor video wall technologies, we can help you to understand the product range that best suits your security control room.

Every industry looks for the best ROI out of its large investments in LED display boards. Therefore, we point out some of the main differences between the technologies in this blog. However, there are some basic functions you can search for to make sure that the LED Display Screen in the control room fulfills your expectations and needs.

Size of the room and wall

An easy process to choose the best Video Wall for you is to consider the size of the control room. For small spaces, LCD is generally the recommended solution. The screen panels are quite facile, so the space taken by the video wall is also limited. What’s more, LCD is also suited for short viewing distances (offering the best visual experience even when looked up close. Excellent viewing angles () make sure that every manager can easily see the content on the video wall, even when they are placed at the side of the room. If receptivity is required (which is most of the situations in smaller spaces with a limited number of workers), then LCD video walls are a suitable choice as well.

Lighting conditions

Earlier control rooms were generally dark and shadowy places, with little atmospheric light that could inhibit the content displayed on the video wall. Enhanced brightness of the indoor video wall however transformed this mindset. Especially direct view LED video walls can create a lot of brightness, and vividness and are productive in even the brightest lighting situations.

Content displayed

The preceding discussion primarily considers the physical appearance and area of the control room. But the visual content you want to display on the indoor LED video wall is of course absolutely significant as well. To this extent, the inter-screen gap or bezel width is an important specification. These make black lines around all screens, making the LED video wall appear rasterized. If the content includes multiple windows that are ‘boxed’ inside each display, then this is no issue, and the black lines will rarely appear.


Your security control room will be the foremost layer of safeguarding against security, safety, and management challenges. While operating a 24 x 7 control room comes with its advantages, it also has its challenges. Sunshine Display System’s control room LED video wall solutions deliver industry-recommended usable life, adaptable performance, efficiency in the content display, best support, and higher resolution. Get in touch with us today!

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