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Sunshine Display is a leading manufacturer of LED based display system in India. LED Display systems are used to transfer visual information for mass communication. Information like flash news, online production status, arrivals & departures, graphical presentation, qualitative microcontroller based products which include LED Display Board, Digital Signage, Led wall, Video wall, Led Display, Led Screen, Moving Message Display Boards, Production Display Boards, Multiline Boards, Multi-Colour Boards, Multi Lingual Boards, Interest Rate Boards, Score Boards, Token Display Systems, Digital clocks, Customized Logos, UP Down Counters, Still Boards and Jewellery Rate Display Boards, Animated Messages and Pictures can be displayed for effective and immediate understanding in LED display board. 

Our Solution -

Led Video Wall Screen

  • LED Video Wall Screen available with both fix installation & rental options in Kolkata.

  • Highly customizable screens made using different high-quality LED modules ranging from P2MM to P16MM along with more variants like curtain LED, Led Wall, Video Wall,  LED mesh screen and glass LED screens 
  • Our high-quality & durable products complies with Ingress Protection standards (IP20 / IP31 / IP35 / IP43 / IP54 / IP65 / IP67 / IP69)

LED Screen on Rent

LED Screen Rental Sunshine Display Systems is one of the primary affiliations makers and suppliers of electronic presentation structure, token …

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LED Mobile Vans and Trucks

LED Mobile Vans and Trucks We organize & manage Events, Conferences, Promotional activity and LED On Vehicles, LDE Backdrop like merchandising …

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LED Video Wall

LED Video Wall Direct view LED displays are usually referred to as LED video walls, these displays are powered by True …

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LED Display Board

LED Display Board The best Quality of LED Display Board is offered by us to customers. The offered LED Display …

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Our Solution -

Led Sign Board

  • LED signs board are perfect for all types of businesses: stores and franchises, clinics, offices and offices; restaurants, hotels and other hospitality businesses; Off licenses, hairdressers, opticians, pharmacies, driving schools, parkings in Kolkata.

  • A luminous advertising sign is essential for any store or business that wants to take advantage of new technologies (ICT) to increase its sales. But while increasing advertising investment is a fundamental aspect, this action does not always guarantee ROI.
  • However, the use of a LED sign board helps recover the amount invested, since it will attract the pedestrians’ attention. If your content is striking, there will surely be an increase in the number of interested people. You will also get a return on the investment in a very short time.

Our Products

Queue Management
Queue Management
Outdoor Led Screen
Outdoor Led Screen
Led Screen Rental
Rental Led Screen
Led Truck
LED Truck

Our Solution -

Led Mobile Van & Trucks

We organize & manage Events, Conferences, Promotional activity and LED On Vehicles, LDE Backdrop like merchandising in-shop activities, weddings, Road Shows, Promotions, Product Launches, Entertainment & Cultural Shows, Merchandising, Live Shows of any kinds be it a quiz, presentations, concerts, etc & we also provide Event Support Services, like Decor, Stage Setup, Back Drops, Sound System in Kolkata.

Led Mobile Van                      Led Trucks

Digital Display Screen

We appreciate the test of making and introducing incredible, inventive and gainful LED screen for our customers In Kolkata. We have worked with the games stadiums and retail commercial enterprises to make open air LED advertising screen to suit their financial plans and briefs.

Our broad involvement in these territories empowers us to offer various creative and adaptable LED wall  Display bundles intended to give proprietors a snappy ROI through introducing substantial LED wall outside screens at profoundly aggressive rates and income plans.

Convey your thoughts to us, whatever stage they are at, and utilize our LED extra large screen experience In Kolkata. Our staff are here to breath life into them. We’ll augment your financial plan to pick up a speedy profit for your LED wide screen open air speculation.

Meeting Room Led Screen

We have comprehensive LED display screens solutions are available in-store to create iconic meeting rooms.

Conference Room Led Screen

The LED digital display office notice board creates an enthusiastic impression over your employees.  

Lobby Led Screen

Make your lobby and hallway full of inspiration with LED Video wall Screens at Sunshine Display System.

Menu Bar Led Screen

Showcase your catalogs with LED digital displays and engage more customers at your Restaurants & Cafeteria.

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