Outdoor vs. Indoor LED Signage

LED displays are a set of small light-emitting diodes that is very effective in displaying information. LED Sign Board is the best tool to display the content to a larger audience; when it comes to showing and aware a very large set of audience at once

Outdoor and indoor LED has obvious differences and outdoor LED withstand every test that nature examines. Outdoor LED are designed to withstand everything that nature throws at the outdoor LED display screen. LED Screen is also known as Digital Display Board; is categorized in two broad terms called outdoor LED display screen and indoor LED display screen. The main use of the LED screen is to draw and attract the audience to pass detail of the information; it could be anything like launching of new service or providing cautionary advice to be alert in sensitive zones.

However, in this comparison of outdoor vs. indoor LED signage; we are only discussing the uses of the digital display board in various places like indoor and outdoor.

The key differences are as follows:

The appearance of LED Display Board

Appearance is one of the main and the basic difference that came to notice of everyone. Indoor LED sign boards are comparatively small and widely used in places; where space is limited and passing information is very important. The places are worship in the home, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, retail outlets, hospitals ICU.

For outdoor applications, the outdoor LED display screen has the larger use in stadiums; highway billboards to notify the consequences of miss-handling things.

Brightness of LED Sign Board

Brightness is the main feature of every LED screen; and there is a huge difference between indoor LED sign board and outdoor LED signboard. Outdoor LED signboards are in direct contact with natural sunlight, cloudy condition, rain, and different changing condition of weather. Outdoor LED display boards are designed to display 10000 nits of brightness; and optimized to use minimum energy as it is energy efficient.

The indoor LED Display Board is way dimmer than compared to the outdoor LED Display Board. Indoor LED Display Board can be adjusted according to the indoor lighting condition to compensate with human eyes. It is important to keep in check the brightness of the LED board; to not cause any straining to the eyes for reading or viewing the content.

Weather Resistance of LED Advertising Screen

Outdoor LED Screen needs to be built to checkmate all weather conditions without harming the quality and performance of the LED Screen and the methods used to protect LED screen are total silicon encapsulation, heavy wall aluminum cabinets, fade-proof shades. By skipping these complex and important parameters in outdoor LED display building the manufacturers skip to build indoor LED display. The LED indoor display boards are much easier to build as compared to outdoor LED boards and the cost of indoor LED display are much lesser than outdoor LED screen.

Resolution of LED Display Screens

The indoor LED screens are intended to build using higher resolution pixels; to maintain the sharp clear and crispy view to the human eye. As the indoor LED screen are used in indoor lighting condition and is used for viewing in very close contact of eyes so the resolution of indoor lights must be higher to provide a sharp and clear viewing experience to not cause strain in the eyes.

But the outdoor LED screen is made to be visible from a long distance; as the brightness needed in outdoor LED boards is much higher than the indoor LED video wall screen.


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