LED Video Wall

Direct view LED displays are usually referred to as LED video walls, these displays are powered by True Color technologies offering real-life color representation and a smooth viewing experience. Each show cabinet unit can work individually offering versatility to build the size and shape of an LED wall. A pixel pitch is the difference between two pixels on a frame, lower pixel pitches are ideal for shorter viewing distance & vice -versa.

The LED video wall screen is now the center of attraction of every event. From product launch to marriage ceremonies that are now deep-rooted with centered stage attraction of video walls and similar concepts. We came with the best Industry’s Visuals Solutions.

We appreciate the test of making and introducing incredible, inventive and gainful LED advertising screens for our customers. We have worked with the games stadiums and retail commercial enterprises to make open air LED advertising screen to suit their financial plans and briefs.

Our Services Include

We deliver both Indoor and Outdoor show solutions. Sunshine Display System is an LED video wall solution provider accredited by BIS and provides chip level repair capability. We help our clients choose the best option for their needs, based, among other factors, on criteria such as viewing distance, showing working environments, content specifications and their budgets.

  • LED Video Wall available with both fix installation & rental options
  • Highly customizable screens made using different high-quality LED modules ranging from P2MM to P16MM along with more variants like curtain LED, LED mesh screen and glass LED screens
  • Our high-quality & durable products complies with Ingress Protection standards (IP20 / IP31 / IP35 / IP43 / IP54 / IP65 / IP67 / IP69)

Indoor LED Video Wall

Using SMD technology, indoor LED video walls also known as indoor LED displays are developed, providing you using seamless display that is ideal for ambient lighting and shorter view distances. Sunshine Display System provides a wide range of indoor LED video walls from P0.9 and more. LED screen walls enliven the indoor atmosphere by providing a dazzling viewing experience for department shops, theatres, business lobbies, and so on.

Led Video Wall Screen

Outdoor LED Video Wall

Robust high-brightness outdoor LED walls enthralled viewers and visually appealingly convey details. Outdoor LED screen walls or weather LED screens are designed to respond to extreme outdoor environments such as direct Sunshine/Sunlight, rain and dust. Unlike most traditional LED outdoor camera screens, extremely adjustable in shapes and sizes, offers daytime exposure even under direct sunlight. Different Sizes and Visibilities Depends on Some Pixel Resolution and Pixel Density.

Led Video Wall

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