LED Customize Solutions

LED Production Display

We offer an extensive variety of handling presentation sheets which can show processing information in an extremely exact and dependable organization. These sheets are exceptionally tough and can efficiently work in very nearly all conditions that may be available in industrial facility stations. Further these preparation presentation sheets are accessible at business sector heading costs and offer prevalent characteristics

LED Environmental Display

We offers Environmental Data Display solution for citizen awareness. Real-time Environmental Data is displayed on digital display boards. This type of data solution is useful when environmental data needs to be shown to mass audience at public gatherings or major crossroads.

LED Environmental Display

LED Bus Destination Display Boards

Front, side & rear and internal display boards are fully electronic without any moving parts. LED Pro LEDs combined with a wide viewing angle, uniform intensity ensure better and optimal visibility. The light intensity is adjusted through a built-in sensor, which reacts to the ambient light conditions thereby ensuring maximum readability. The display information will be taken from console unit via rs485 communication.

Led Bus Destination Display Board

LED Scoreboard

We supply a vast range of different types of sports LED scoreboards. From small. Simple scoreboards that just use digits, to more complex video electronic scoreboards for stadiums. The benefit of the larger scoreboards is that during a break in the action, you can use the scoreboard screen to run advertisements to get some return on investment.
Led Scoreboard

LED Token Display Boards

We offer token presentation sheets to aid in que administration by the assistance of demonstrating the token number that is punched by the client. 
led token display

LED Countdown Timers

Outdoor LED display P6mm becomes the hottest spec. The situation of Indian domestic market is even more evident – in the new fixed installations outdoor LED displays on buildings, …

LED Countdown Timers

GPS/GPRS/GSM Based LED Display Boards

You can remote send message, wireless controls to display any desired information, such as data, message, route, news, natural hazard warning and etc. conveniently by SMS from a MOBILE PHONE, or a PC to any location throughout the whole World, wherever the GSM network is available. 
GPS/GPRS/GSM Based LED Display Boards

LED Stock Market Tickers

Stock market LED Display stream ticker codes and market data outside buildings and inside stock markets or trading offices. The ticker displays and stock market ticker screens can show also financial headlines and other news which is shown in real time. The LED ticker displays can be incorporated into walls of offices and buildings, and the best thing is that the ticker displays can be curved so it is easier to be embedded into round walls and pillars, or shape them into circles.
Led Stock Market Ticket

LED Traffic Display 

We develops numerous LED devices, road safety products, electronic/electrical devices and other related products under its motto, “Preventing accidents in all fields, striving every day to be a company making a difference in the lives of employees, in society, and around the world.

Led Traffic Display

LED Safety Statistic Display Boards

The presentation to be displayed with environment and safety standards is populated in the data server.
Edit Column Edit Text Editor LED Safety Statistic Display Boards

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