LED Bus Destination Display Boards

Front, side & rear and internal display boards are fully electronic without any moving parts. LED Pro LEDs combined with a wide viewing angle, uniform intensity ensure better and optimal visibility. The light intensity is adjusted through a built-in sensor, which reacts to the ambient light conditions thereby ensuring maximum readability. The display information will be taken from console unit via rs485 communication.


LED Bus destination boards Features:

  • Capable of storing more than 150 routes with 150 stops in each route.
  • Provision of gps attachment.
  • Synchronized inside display and announcement.
  • Driver and conductor information.
  • Information in English and regional language.
  • Automatic intensity control according to the variation of daylight.
  • Route and destination name announcement for bus awaiting passengers.
  • Stop information announcement for the travelling passengers.
  • User friendly software to download, modify and creating more new route data into the console.

User interface with LCD and keyboard for selecting the route name, stop name and announcement.

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