GPS/GPRS/GSM Based LED Display Boards

You can remote send message, wireless controls to display any desired information, such as data, message, route, news, natural hazard warning and etc. conveniently by SMS from a MOBILE PHONE, or a PC to any location throughout the whole World, wherever the GSM network is available. 


  • It’s a complete wireless setup and no requirement of physical connection. No distance barriers will be there and hence providing full flexibility to the user to operate the display Board from anywhere within seconds.
  • User can transmit the data on to the display boards through their mobiles or through the PC in SMS mode.
  • User has to provide one activated SIM card for the GSM module attached with the display board if the user is transmitting the data through their mobile phone.
  • If the user wants to use PC interface for the transmission of data, then the user has to provide two activated SIM cards. One for the GSM transmitter and another for the GSM receiver.
  • One GSM Module is attached with the PC, which will act as GSM transmitter, and another GSM module is attached with the Display Board, which will act as GSM receiver.
  • We provide Interface Software for transmission of data onto the Display Board.
  • With the Interface Software, user can manipulate the data on to the Display Board. Our software with strong memory function, which can store the data to the display board. So user doesn’t has to type the messages again and again for transmission. User can also see the last transmitted data on to the display Board.
  • These modules are secured from the unauthorized access.
  • No body except the administrator can transmit the data on the display board.
  • The GSM receiver will erase the data from the SIM Card after receiving and reading the data from the GSM transmitter. So, no hang-ups will be there as SIM Card’s memory will be always free to receive the data.


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