LED Sign Board

Here, we will understand the use of LED Sign Board and its importance in any business. There are several types of LED advertising Displays like LED Billboards, flex board, acrylic led board, sign boards, and many more are available. While LED Sign Board promotes your business and provides you a lot of advantages over your competitors businesses. By using LED Sign boards your sales and profits will enhance and also your growth rate in the market. Aside from this, there are many other advantages and importance of LED sign boards as well. Now we will discuss about the benefits of LED Sign Boards.

Durability of LED Sign Boards

LED Sign Boards are highly definitive and run much more extensive than traditional technologies. LED display boards don’t contain any gases that might get away and outcome to the indistinct. And, they even balance a standard level of resolutionall over their lifecycle. It has long lasting lifespan in comparison of fluorescent and neon lighting.

High Quality Resolution of LED Sign Boards

Earlier, people use neon lighting for their sign boards. Neon spread brightness in distinct colors but was only gained from other gasses or rarefied neon. When we match it to the old neon lights, LED Sign Boards are surprisingly good in color variant and resolution. LED Display Boards can even be watched in daylight, while neon does not work in sunlight.We can create LED sign Board in an excess of colors up to 16 million different color mixtures. You can also add visuals, graphics, designs, animations, flashes and more to your LED sign board. This benefit allows you to entirely personalize an LED sign, which means that you can engage more customers than prior.

Low Maintenance

Talking about long life cycle of LED Sign Boards, brightness, resolution, effectiveness and efficiency, it’s easy to believe why LED signs require low maintenance than other products. Sunshine Display System provides you the opportunity to grow your business with minimum expense and effective outcomes, our LED Sign Board product quality doesn’t require long term maintenance and support. Our LED Displays don’t include any gasses (which even break or leak), they’re easy to maintain (no hot or insubstantial tubes to deal with), and they importantly never burn out. They work well in outdoor areas and don’t need specific protection from anything. However, we will provide “waterproof” LED display systems for exceptionally wet or hot applications. This is an ultimate one-time investment solution to bring your customers to your location with more expectations.

Light weight LED Sign Boards

As we have explained above, LEDs don’t depend upon any gasses or any tubes, which means manufacturers like Sunshine Display System can make them much lighter weight and thinner in size & shape. For example, a basic neon sign board is generally 3- to 5-inches wide in compared to LED sign boards, which is usually 1-inch thick. This light weight often results in low shipping and installation charges, and if you want to install it in a small space or don’t want to load much weight on your windows or walls, then in that case, smaller footprints will be helpful.Thus, business owners can enjoy LED Sign Boards that are light and bold, and easy to lift on and off their display settings.


As we know the advantages of LED Sign boards and glow sign boards are mainly used for the businesses to enhance the engagement of their targeted audiences.

Hence, when you need to update your business with an LED Sign board, consider these things in mind. We are the leading LED Display manufacturers in India. We will show you various design ideas and will provide low maintenance to make your signs unique and dazzling. At Sunshine Display System, we have been in the LED manufacturing industry for last 10 years. We only deal in the high-quality LED products.

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LED Sign Board

Led Sign Board

LED sign boards are an improved version of the luminous neon signs, with which you can reduce light consumption to up to 80%. In addition, this technology allows you to go beyond displaying a commercial name on a luminous sing, since it also allows you to broadcast digital videos and static images in full color.

Areas Of Application

  • LED signs board are perfect for all types of businesses: stores and franchises, clinics, offices and offices; restaurants, hotels and other hospitality businesses; Off licenses, hairdressers, opticians, pharmacies, driving schools, parkings. 
  • A luminous advertising sign is essential for any store or business that wants to take advantage of new technologies (ICT) to increase its sales. But while increasing advertising investment is a fundamental aspect, this action does not always guarantee ROI.
  • However, the use of a LED sign board helps recover the amount invested, since it will attract the pedestrians’ attention. If your content is striking, there will surely be an increase in the number of interested people. You will also get a return on the investment in a very short time.


LED Display is a set array of light forming a flat panel display. Their wide array of applications allows them to use in any lighting condition. Its easy integration and easy-to-use feature make it a favorite choice among shopkeepers to display their services and shop name. It is widely used in restaurants, hospitals, opticians, and parking areas as an information board.


Led Signboards has a great outdoor impact as it is the improvised version of neon signs, it is energy efficient and can save up to 80% on electric consumption. The LED technology enables you to go beyond only displaying names as it gives access to broadcast videos or show static images in full colour.


Ease of Operation with Content Management Software

  • With our programmable LED sign board, we can include our special player, with which you can broadcast all types of video files and images. Ads can be scheduled to be broadcast at specific times, you can even do it for certain specific days.
  • The included content management software makes it easy to upload files to your digital banner. Playing simple videos taken from television does not make much sense, since the rectangular shape of a LED sign board does not keep the same proportion. This is why it is advisable to design or adapt a good advertisement thinking about the size and shape of your sign board. To help you, we have online training courses, with which you will discover how to adapt these videos to your new LED sign board.


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