Why Air Quality Parameter Data Display is Important?

Sunshine Display system features a complete solution for displaying air quality parameter data display with the help of Digital LED screens.

AQI is an index for reporting air quality on a regular basis. It lets you know how fresh or polluted your surrounding air quality is, and what related health issues might be a worry for people. The AQI targets health-related issues you may observe within some time or some days after inhaling polluted air.

Sunshine Display System is offering you the advanced & best Environmental Parameter Display Board For Indoor & Outdoor applications with amazing features. The Environment Air Quality Parameter Display Board is used by a lot of business sectors and industries to feature critical discharge parameters. It can be consolidated with instruments and segments. The Environment Statistics Display may help in improving comprehensive pollution awareness and transparency.

The Environment Air Quality Display board can be personalized as per industry requirement and consolidated to match the distinct requirement of every industry. It is provided with proper monitoring guidance and user-friendly supporting software.


– Easy To operate the AQI

– Available In all Size

– Used for both Outdoor & Indoor

– Visible in Sunlight

– Content can be displayed in all Formats

– Supports Multiple Languages.

– The Data can be read from a Webservice (Website) that has the pollution data.

– Boards can be driven using RS422 / RS485 or Ethernet / Wifi.

– We offer Red, Red+ Green, or Full-Color boards.

We have you a complete range of LED Display Boards that include an excellent visual display and it helps in upscaling your business advertisement to greater heights. Air Quality is a major factor that can directly impact our health. The government of India regulates the Air Quality parameter in major locations like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai and manages Air Quality Index (AQI).

It is dominant to interface the effects of Pollution in our atmosphere to improve general awareness. Government of India taking all relevant actions to prevent Air pollution after allowable limits. The pollutants released by the Industrial areas are regulated by the  PCB authorities (Pollution Control Board) and the Regional Pollution Control Boards suggest the major Industries to install an Air Quality Index (AQI) Display at their applications. So that people can see and be aware of the Air Quality status in and around the surroundings of industries working area.

Poor Air Quality can bring many health issues to your home with major problems including Respiratory problems like asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis, allergies. So, it is a must to maintain constant Air Quality to protect the environment and our lives.

We manufacture Air Pollution Display Boards with various parameters on display. Our Air Quality Parameter Display Board is customizable in size. It totally works on Digital functions and is available in Full-color Boards. It is mainly used for industrial applications and purposes. Our wide range of LED Display solution is available in every corner of India.

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