Consider These Features When Selecting An Outdoor LED Display Screen

Outdoor LED screens have become significant for businesses looking to provide excellent and relevant marketing experience conveniently updated data and messages, and information.

However, before you buy or rent an outdoor LED screen for your business purposes, you have to be confident that you’re making well-settled funding. Your LED display boards are possibly to last many years; perfect strategy and execution will help make a successful business, high durability, and reasonable cost.

LED advertising screens can be utilized in all-weather situations and these outdoor LED screens now become the fast the most-rated solution by most companies.

Features of an Outdoor LED Screen

Image Quality

The outdoor LED Display Board is meant to engage the attention of audiences and deliver the content about your business. The richness of the visuals has an important effect on how that information is received by the audiences. Your outdoor LED signage should be vigorous, and it should exhibit colors properly. Faded LED screen resolution will create obstructive attention, so go through the LED manufacturer or supplier specification sheet to be satisfied with the display features and legitimate color.

Another key feature to recognize is the LED screen pixel pitch and the gap between the RGB pixels. It’s necessary for you to select a LED supplier that will provide the authentic pixel pitch for the large viewing distance.

Clear Resolution

Contrasting to the indoor LED video wall, outdoor LED digital signage screens will become impacted by multiple resolution settings and viewing distance. As an outcome, enhancing the display’s quality is one method to decrease resolution deviation that is produced by weather and distinct lighting conditions.

Heat Dissipation Capacity

The outdoor LED screen causes a substantial amount of heat energy while functioning, which is why it is too much convenient to increase the heat in an outdoor atmosphere. If the outdoor LED display screen’s heat dissolution extent is poor, the whole IC will come to an end to work or functioning.

Hence, outdoor LED display boards must always have programs with a heat dissipation feature to increase functional performance, reduce light degradation, and maintain life.

Price and Warranty

You may be enticed to opt for the low-priced LED display board solutions, although; you’re possibly to get what you spend for. Low-cost LED manufacturers make use of lower-standard LED pixel pitch and automation— not high-definition elements. Those suppliers do not verify or give a warranty about the longevity and speed of your outdoor LED screens.

The durability of Outdoor LEDs

Outdoor LED signage screens must be very weather-proof, water-proof, bright in daylight; high-resolution and display vibrant colors in high temperatures too. Indoor LED screens do not need to display a similar amount of resistance to the outdoors area; as well as thus do not need such potential features. The outdoor LED displays usually run with IP65 water-proof degrees while interior LED screens have IP20 waterproof ranges.

Maintenance and Support

Once you purchase the outdoor LED screen and started running your message on it, standard maintenance and support; are important to verifying your signage board always appears good and will last longer in any outdoor temperature. Look for the best-LED manufacturing company in India like Sunshine Display System to get; a complete understanding of maintenance and servicing — and how often is it required?


Installing an outdoor LED signage screen; can be a hectic work with many issues— and queries about image quality, cost-effectiveness, security, and durability. By keeping these aspects in mind; you’ll become ready to ask for the best quality LED display screens from Sunshine Display System. When used rightly and efficiently, outdoor LED advertising screens can be beneficial for all business industries.

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