Things To Consider When Buying An LED Video Wall For Control Room

There are a few options available for presiding LED video wall screens for control rooms: surfaced LCD, rear-projection cubes (RPCs), and LED screens. How do you determine which one you require for your control room? In this article, we will discuss the robustness and fragility of every advancement, making it convenient for people to choose the customized LED screens for the control room. As Sunshine Display System is one of the main leading LED screen manufacturers of all three options for the control room, we can help you to choose LED Display Board that best matches your control room.

The LED video wall is a huge screen manufactured by joining many video segments. If you plan for your business to get recognition in a crowded place like the control room, indoor meeting halls & corridors, airport, shopping mall, or stadium, then installing a video wall’s effect is well worth it.

LED Video walls are analytically proven to enhance engagement rate; provided their immediate appeal and the alternating nature of their content. So, if you’re searching for a creative way to resolve your control room issue; using a video wall could be the best solution for your business.

Here are some points to consider before purchasing any LED video wall for the control room:

Size of the Room and Wall

A first and facile process is to determine the size of the wall in the control room. For small spaces, LCD is generally a considerable solution. The LCD panels are very simplistic, so the space of the wall used by the video wall is quite less. What’s more, LCD is also preferably befitted; for small viewing distances (offering a top-level visual feel even when seen from quite close to it). Robust viewing angles make sure that every manager can easily view; the content on the LED video wall, even when they are fixed at the corners of the total room space. If the connection is required from large distances, then LED video walls are the best choice of all.

How Distant Will Viewers Be?

Once you understand what size your LED video wall is going to be, consider the location of your viewers. The most important feature impacted by their distance will be the brightness on a LED screen where your operators are positioned in a control room, you can also opt for a much lower resolution LED video wall than if they are nearest to the display board. LED direct view screens can preferably suit resolutions for the specific control room requirement, but high-resolution LEDs can be costly.

Lighting Conditions

Control rooms were generally dark and gloomy areas; with small climatic light that could impede the content screening on the LED video wall. Increased brightness and resolution of the LED indoor video wall screen, however, turned this setting. Mainly direct view LED video walls can generate; a lot of brightness and are productive in even the shining lighting situations. Moreover, these mechanics also endure barely from specular reflection.

Match Your Expectations

These all aspects are necessary because you’ll have to ask the LED video wall manufacturing company; who’s operating and installing your video wall display in the control room. They’ll be equipped to execute the best operations and assist you to determine the right tool for your specific expectations; however, only if you can figure out the requirements first. So, for any query related to LED video wall installation, contact now with Sunshine Display System.

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